Interested in FDC3 and looking for a quick and easy way to get started?

The FDC3 desktop-agent is a free and open source reference implementation of FDC3 as a Chrome Extension - so that you can run directly in Chrome and plug FDC3 into the apps you've already built for the web in minutes.

Key features of the extension are:

  • API - the extension automatically adds the FDC3 api to every Chrome tab
  • App Directory - the extension uses its own FDC3 standard app directory by default. You can also set your own.
  • Channel Linking - Set FDC3 1.1 color channels directly in Chrome.
  • Search - the extension provides a universal search against the app directory from any tab in Chrome.
  • Demo Apps - the app directory includes several demo apps so that you can hit the ground running with FDC3. These include:

You can learn more about the FDC3 Chrome Extension on Github